"Our mission is to empower children and families with the knowledge and language needed to navigate the crucial yet often challenging conversations about personal safety. We believe in fostering a world where every child feels confident, informed, and secure in understanding their own body and asserting their boundaries."

- Jodi Edwards, Co-Founder of Kids Body Safety & Illustrator of Everyone's got a bottom.


Everyone’s got a bottom is a story about children staying safe, in a style that is fun, positive and informative. It’s a tool for parents and carers to gently start a conversation with children about self-protection.

One of the most important and sometimes the most difficult conversations parents and carers can have with young children is about their bodies. Early conversations using the correct terms for body parts is a valuable step toward supporting a child’s health and safety. Using nicknames for body parts can lead to confusion, and make it difficult for a child to be clearly understood. If they need to talk to someone outside your family, perhaps an incident at school or day care, it’s important for them to know the correct names of their private body parts and feel confident in speaking out. Teaching children the correct language can help them communicate clearly about their bodies.

This book is a collaboration between children’s author Tess Rowley and illustrator Jodi Edwards as part of an initiative by True Relationships & Reproductive Health. 

Experts from the early childhood and child protection sectors plus educators who work with children every day contributed valuable insights which led to the creation of this book.

The Adults Guide at the back of the book is helpful in keeping these personal safety conversations going. The book has been applauded and recommended by industry experts around the world.  

Source & Further Reading: Why You Should Teach Your Kids Real Words For Private Parts. Using cutesy language can do more harm than good. By Caroline Bologna Nov 20, 2018, Huffington Post.
  • TESS ROWLEY | Author/Co-founder

    Tess has written poems and stories since she was ‘knee high to a grasshopper’.

    Her lifelong work in the area of child and family support has been a guiding focus for her writing of many children’s books for Government / nongovernment organisations.

    Tess’s award winning, ‘Everyone’s Got A Bottom’, gives voice and acceptance to a ‘hard to talk about’ subject and has been highly valued by professionals and families alike.

    With previous book titles such as, ‘I Feel Scared When Mum & Dad Fight’, ‘My Friend Gordon,’ ‘Touches and Feelings’ and ‘Odd Socks’, Tess’s love of writing for young children shines through.

    This year, her book, Jack Changes The Game, about online safety, published by the Australian Federal Police, was given, free of charge, to every primary school in Australia. It’s also freely available as an e-book.

    She received a Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Achievement Award in 2019 for ‘services in the community --children’s author’.

    She was the recipient of the Queensland Writers Centre ‘Johnno’ Award, 2022, for ‘outstanding contribution to the writing culture in Queensland.’

    For speaking engagements or to work with Tess, please reach out via email: tesswriter21@gmail.com

  • JODI EDWARDS | Illustrator/Co-founder

    Jodi has always had a passion for color, creating and drawing.

    She grew up in a multi-cultural household with a mother from Sri Lanka and father from Australia. She has won numerous design and illustration awards and she attributes her whimsical and conceptual work to her culturally diverse and creative upbringing.

    Jodi full-filled a life-long dream when approached to co-create the book Everyone's got a bottom. The illustrations in the book are intentionally playful, colorful and relatable to assist the reader and engage children. Throughout the book, you’ll notice the lead character’s hat changes and soxy the cat is hiding on each page. Many parents have shared that this book is one of their children’s favorites and on the weekly reading rotation.

    As a mother, Jodi understands the immense importance of this book as a comforting way of starting a daunting conversation. The book has become a valuable tool for her own family, the same way it has for so many other parents and carers.

    Originally from Australia, Jodi has been based in the US for over 10 years working as Creative Director on brands including HelloFresh, Baileys and Lays. Jodi is now the founder of her own agency, HueBold.

    For illustration projects or for speaking engagements please reach out via email: jodi@huebold.com. To see more of her work visit huebold.com

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