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Kids Body Safety

Everyone's Got A Bottom

Everyone's Got A Bottom

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Written by Tess Rowley
Illustrated by Jodi Edwards

ISBN: 978-0-6489362-4-4
Number of pages: 40
Book size: 11 inch x 8.5 inch

Aimed at children 3 – 8 years of age, Everyone's got a bottom is a perfect reading tool for parents and carers to gently start conversations with children about personal safety. The book uses correct anatomical terms and emphasizes that children can always talk about their bodies or any concerns they may have with their parents or another trusted adult. It helps parents and carers teach children to keep safe in a style that is fun, positive and protective. This book also features parent and carer notes in the back for additional guidance and information. 

Everyone’s got a bottom is a recommended resource by the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum in Australia. The book won a Child Protection Award as a recognized resource that promotes child protection and is also loved by child safety organizations around the world. 

Thank you for your support. 

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